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A Concierge Approach to Real Estate



Our Philosophy

We are passionate about our concierge approach to real estate because we know success comes by providing an extraordinary experience for our clients. This approach shifts the burdensome aspects of the transaction process to us, saving you time and allowing you to go on with your daily activities with minimal interruption.

Our services include: Soliciting bids for repairs, meeting with contractors, cleaning your home, making landscape improvements, staging your home and coordinating with movers and more.

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Importance of the Right Team

Most successful businesses operate as teams without us realizing it. From restaurants to law firms to five-star resorts, we are served by individuals doing specialized and coordinated work that together provides our next great meal, protects our legal interests, or caters to our every vacation whim.

So why is real estate an industry dominated by agents trying to handle the whole process themselves? It’s far too complicated and too specialized a process to handle on your own. Our model provides our clients with top-notch creative marketing, negotiation, communication and the flexibility to handle the unexpected challenges quickly and professionally. We are here to serve and provide you with a concierge approach to real estate worthy of the finest resorts.

Tim McGuire


Professional photo of Tim McGuire from the Tim McGuire Team in the bay area.

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Mark James


Profile of Mark James in a suit from Tim McGuire Team in the bay area.

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Eva Ti’a


Professional photo of Tim McGuire real estate agent Eva Ti'a.

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Karen Carmichael

Escrow Coordinator

Profile image of Karen Carmichael, the escrow coordinator for Tim McGuire Team in the bay area.

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Lori Olson


Profile image of Tim McGuire Team real estate agent Lori Olson.

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