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Billy Purta, Dublin

Lori Olson should be your realtor. This was our first time selling a home, and we didn’t really know what to expect. We interviewed four agents (yes, it’s a lot, shush), and Lori blew us away from the start. Her presentation was very well polished, even though we only gave her about 24 hours notice before asking her to meet us. She even managed to gather some helpful information that none of the others had to set herself apart. Lori is: Charismatic; we loved knowing she would be the face of our home to all prospective clients. Professional; incredibly well-spoken, intelligent, and always prepared. Backed by a wonderful team; any questions we had, she had an expert that could chime in at a moment’s notice. Generous; just ask her about her child sponsorship endeavors, and how many lives she has impacted from each home sale. Friendly; her infectious smile never ends and every interaction is enjoyable. Hard-working; seriously, this cannot be understated. She even showed up with pots of flowers she picked up at home depot to add a splash of color where our yard desperately needed it. Lori and her team helped us every step of the way. A lot of gears were in motion, yet the process was never stressful. The paperwork went smoothly, we got well over our asking/ideal price, and she even negotiated free rent-back for 3 months to sweeten the deal! What are you waiting for… have you hired her yet?!