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Mike Peterson, January 2023

I have known and used Tim McGuire for my real estate needs for the past 10 years, and he has been my girlfriend’s family real estate agent for many years. He helped me purchase a post-divorce home in a great neighborhood, and then recently helped me sell it when I moved.

The recent real estate market with the rising interest rates and pandemic have created a very difficult-to-read market with less people willing to purchase and more buyers “looking for a good deal (discount).” Tim has adjusted well to this new paradigm and is still his ever-upbeat and cheerful self. He is part real estate agent, part psychologist, and jack-of-all trades. He can handle frantic phone calls from his buyers or text messages with calm, answer questions that sellers or buyers have and has amazing sources for handymen, roofers, electricians and painters and even movers! We almost did not have to do a thing (except write checks where necessary).

He will tell you when to paint or repair, when to adjust prices and balance offers, and can have someone open your house for tradesmen when you are unable to be there. He knows who is going in and out of your house for sale so you don’t have to worry. Tim is imperturbable.

Tim is gentle and never pushy, he will do things the way you want, but will give you sage advice acquired from many years of real estate sales. He also knows the tri-valley market very well and has an amazing team of agents and assistants working for him. There is no crisis when you are dealing with Tim, and really no reason to worry with him as your agent. I don’t think you could do better.